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Forget Myths, Concentrate On FREEDOM.

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Nundiyo, Hendian Henze Kaam-i Trawto...

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Asi Ha Nin Dozakhas...Timan Rozi Kath...

"Sheikh Ul Aalam.(R.A)"

This is the age of Global Unity. Whole world is comming together to form a Global Society, which would be free of every kind of Political, Economical or Social Oppression. We aim to achieve Unity. But, as opposed to that when we speak of a Nation based upon a geographical or some mythalogical ideology we are dividing people and enforcing a clash with the rest of the world. History has proved that Nationalism and Patriotism are as lethal to the world peace as is Cynide to a living body.

Nations are not built upon the leathal ideologies of Nationalism but firm foundation of "Truth". And truth, as Rumi says, is like a Sun and there is no need to prove the existence of sun after the sun rises high in the skys.

"Kashmiriyat (Kashmiri-ism) is the ethno-national, social consciousness and cultural values of the Kashmiri people."

What is this and what do you mean by this illogical definition of a mythological concept.

"Ethno-national" I dont know of any nation based on ethinicity. All humman beings have same origin. We are all homo-sapiens. And world is common heritage of all the people living on it.

"Social conciousness and cultural values" Geographical affiliations can never give rise to any kind of social conciousness or some cultural values. Social conciousness and cultural values are outcome of a "process of reflective synthesis" of humman emotions and responsibilities. Geographical associations can only give rise to "Diet" , "Shelter" and "Dress" Conciousness, which is necessary for example you will die of cold if you dont have suitable clothing and shelter if you are living in Kashmir. If Pheran, Kangri and Hokh Siyun are out come of Kashmiriyat then there is no need to carve out an ideology out of it, because it is natural.[Zain ul Aabidin is said to have introduced Kanri and Pheran to Kashmir]

I wonder how illogically and irrelevently has the mythological fabric of kashmiriyat been woven by these Cut-Copy social scientist of Kashmiriyat.

I cant hold myself without qouting Sir Allama Iqbal
"Both nationalism and atheistic socialism, at least in the present state of human adjustments, must draw upon the psychological forces of hate, suspicion, and resentment which tend to impoverish the soul of man and close up his hidden sources of spiritual energy.
Neither the technique of medieval mysticism, nor nationalism, nor atheistic socialism can cure the ills of a despairing humanity. Surely the present moment is one of great crisis in the history of modern culture. The modern world stands in need of biological renewal. And religion, which in its higher manifestations is neither dogma, nor priesthood, nor ritual, can alone ethically prepare the modern man for the burden of the great responsibility which the advancement of modern science necessarily involves, and restore to him that attitude of faith which makes him capable of winning a personality here and retaining it in hereafter. It is only by rising to a fresh vision of his origin and future, his whence and whither, that man will eventually triumph over a society motivated by an inhuman competition, and a civilization which has lost its spiritual unity by its inner conflict of religious and political values."

I wonder Why are we seeking fresh sources of energy in creation of new loyalities, such as Nationalism and Patriotism which Nietzche described as 'sickness and unreason' and 'the strongest force against culture.'

Today, we are not in need of reviving or saving a mythological and leathal ideology of Kashmiriyat from some kind of Haox Kashmiriyat, but we need to liberate Kashmir from illegitimate Occupation and aggression of a tyrant. India has occupied Kashmir for last 61 years and has perpetrated every kind torture and aggression on the people of Kashmir.

Freedom as Ummar(R.A) said is our birth right. Untill our recognized rights are not delivered to us peacefully, till then the Kashmiris would fight against everyone that comes inbetween them and their freedom.

I believe that taking about Kashmiriyat at this time is in no way a priority for us. There are thousands who are in Jails, thousands who have Dissapeared (Involuntarily), and thousands who have been directly effected by these unfortunate incidences. Our priority is to bring some relief to them. Our priority is bring FREEDOM to every soul. 

So, it would be "misleading the people" if we start talking about mythologies and forget the priorities that are before hand.


Let us concentrate on concrete things and forget myths.

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  1. It is very important to REMEMBER Myths.

    Let us not forget myths. Let us learn from Myth.

    But by all means, let us put myths behind us for the moment and focus on concrete things.